Now this one was a hard one for me since Blumhouse has to be my favourite production company and they’ve produced some of my favourite horror movies and horror movie franchises. In this list I’m going to be considering all of their productions, including those from Blumhouse Tilt. Of course everyone is going to have their own favourites, but these are mine.

(I compiled this list before both Split and Get Out were released and shot to fame and critical acclaim. But now I think is a great time to post this for anyone looking for other great Blumhouse Horror’s.)

10. The Bay

The only way to describe this film is, interesting. If I’m honest, I went into it thinking I was going to hate it. Normally I cant stand movies where the horror is some kind of infection or parasite, so this one really took me by surprise. It was a great film, that was executed in an interesting and entertaining manner. The whole way through, I was wondering what exactly was going to happen to the characters and trying to guess which ones would live. Go in to it with an open mind, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

9. Area 51

This is going to be an incredibly controversial decision but yes, Area 51 is in my top 10. In my opinion it is incredibly underrated. Yes, it had a very unrealistic plot line but I really enjoyed that about the film because they made it seem like it could be realistic. The makers of this movie could have caved and gone for a more X-Files-sci fi feel, but, in my opinion, they didn’t. It kept its horror movie atmosphere through the whole thing, which can be very difficult when aliens are involved. For me, it didn’t even get close to veering off into more of a sci-fi genre. To this day, I am mad that I wont be able to own it on DVD, but its an entertaining film that you should give a go if you’re an alien-horror fan. Plus the plot was pretty decent and my only critique would be that the characters weren’t likeable enough.

8. Dark Skies

Weird. Sad. Dark. Fun. Great. Are all words that spring to mind when I think of this film. It was kind of all over the place, but in the best possible way. I was so entertained the whole way through and the whole thing just felt like a bit of a ‘WTF’ moment. It was so great. And if you haven’t seen it, just watch it. Even though it is a bit sad, it has its heart warming moments and in the end, it provides you with a good amount of hope. It’s interesting, it gets you thinking and it has a great storyline that I loved seeing unfold.

7. Paranormal Activity (as a franchise)

I know Paranormal Activity can get a lot of rubbish, from a lot of people. But personally, as a whole series, I love them. I love the story, I love watching it unfold and I love how the films are all connected together and how each is a different snippet of time in this big timeline of events. I think if you don’t like the first film, or any one of them for that 635705790037838316-xxx-pa5-ff-001-dcb-74005928matter, but haven’t bothered to give them all a watch, you should. Just see if it changes your mind once you see them all together. Because I personally think, the way the story is connected through all these films is actually very clever. Plus I love anything where you get backstory, because theres noting more frustrating than watching a film franchise but getting no backstory on the major-events and characters but Paranormal Activity provides you with that information.

6. Unfriended

I know this was a total teen horror, but I thought it was absolutely amazing. The way it managed to be so damn entertaining but the only location we got was that of the main character’s computer screen, was so impressive. The concept of it was so interesting as well because it plays hugely on the dominance of modern technology and having a ghost control a computer, feels very relevant to modern times. Plus, it would be a bonus if even just a couple of people who partake in cyberbullying were to watch the film, get a bit scared and at least think about what they are doing. If it got some of those people to stop, then it would be even better. It’s really one of those films that has you rooting for both the characters that are getting killed and the one thats dead.

5. Hush

This was a hard movie to place. Obviously it belongs in the top 10 but it wasn’t to everyones liking. I thought it was pretty good, but not their best. Hush went for tension, but sometimes bordered on boring which I think was it’s downfall. The concept was amazing, and it was executed well enough to get itself to number 5 on my list, but it could have been number 1 if the tension levels had been higher. It’s worth a watch if your a horror fan, but if you’re not, you’ll probably find yourself skipping to the end to find out what happens. Still a great film, with fantastic actors, a fantastic plot and really great cinematography.

4. Sinister 2

I thought this was a great follow-up to the first film. In fact, right after I watched the first movie, I sent someone who’d seen the film a message saying how I really wanted a sequel following the Deputy trying to stop Bugul. Minutes later I had a google and saw that they were making exactly that film and I was ecstatic and it defiantly lived up to my hype. sinister-2-10James Ransone connected the films so well and portrays a brilliant character that I just loved and completely rooted for. The characters and dynamic of the two brothers was really interesting to watch and I genuinely worried about the youngest one the entire way through the film. I never get to attached to horror characters but these ones really had me hooked and its just one of the reasons why I love these films so much.

3. Insidious Chapter 3

Insidious Chapter 3 managed to be so different from the other Insidious films but still managed to feel the same. I loved seeing Elise again, a truly interesting character that gives me some Lorraine Warren vibes. Plus I never get bored of seeing Tucker and Specs, it was especially great finding out how they first met Elise. Along with the recurring themes of ‘the further’ you know it was an Insidious movie, but it was great to have a different family’s story. That story being brilliantly interesting, well written and well thought out. I really did like that they actually tried to make it great instead of just producing something half-decent and relying on the fame of the previous ones to make money.

2. Sinister

Sinister is one of my all time favourite horror films. Blumhouse seems to produce most of my favourites but there was something about this that really stood out to me. Whether it was the brilliant simplicity of it or the truly interesting story or perhaps it was both. Bugul was a brilliant horror villain, never said a word but he didn’t to for the audience to find him terrifying. His eery presence and constantly knowing he’s watching in some way, provides a genuine dark atmosphere to the film that a lot of horror films struggle to achieve. And, not to spoil to much for anyone that may have not watched it, but the twist at the end managed to take me by surprise, which not many films achieve. Not since the Sixth Sense anyway. It’s a great film and really worth a watch.

1. Insidious

Yes, the number one spot. This was tough and I was going back and forth with a fair few of the other films, but for me, this has to have the top spot. In my opinion this is what put Blumhouse on the map. Of course Paranormal Activity is what made them their money, but Insidious was their first, horror film that everyone seemed to love. And thats insidious-3-300x300because it was an excellent horror film, with brilliant actors. It used many aspects from paranormal theories, like the astral plane to your bog standard ghosts. It had that one amazing jump scare, yeah, you know the one I mean don’t pretend you don’t. Plus, to this day, it has me singing Tip Toe Through The Tulips at least once a week. The plot was excellent as well, genuinely had me interested in the story the whole was through and rooting for the characters, rather than hoping they’d just hurry up and die like some films make me feel. If you haven’t seen it, which would surprise me, you should really go and watch it.