There are many articles and reports  circling of an MTV Scream reboot with an entirely new cast and story. So I thought I’d try and weigh out whether this would end up being a good thing or a bad thing. I’ve been a big fan and avid watcher of the last two seasons of MTVs Scream but I’m going to try and be as unbiased as possible. Even though I wouldlove to see the same cast and characters return, plus Lakewood was an ideal setting.

d467c468bedfaacbf80c8ac6aebdb2b7There is the possibility it would be good for the show to have a fresh start. After all there are very few main characters remaining and I feel attached enough to all of them now, that I would pretty mad if one of them died. And that in itself would leave the show with a tough choice: keep the main characters alive and predictably kill off random newcomers? Or kill of a main well beloved character and anger the dedicated fans, possibly even loose some viewers? An entirely new cast and story would relieve them of this dilemma. But this is the only good reason I can think of to warrant making an entirely new show.

We have been left with so many unanswered questions about Lakewood and the Lakewood five/four. The main ones being, who killed Kieran? And is Brandon James scream-770x470still alive? I always presumed the Brandon James story is where they were heading
for season 3 and Kieran being killed in the Halloween special only solidified that. The Brandon James story has the potential to be incredibly interesting and it’s what a lot of viewers have been waiting for. It seems like such a bad move to just abandon it without giving any solid answers. 

MTV and the show runners have also talked about how much they want to stay true to the original franchise. I think they did a good job with that for the first two seasons, they were very self aware – Noah’s character really enforced that, they had the kind, sweet final girl that you can root for, plus three other main characters you really want to stay alive because they are relatable and loveable. Plus Lakewood being the typical suburban american town was the perfect setting, with the lake, the lake house and a good forrest, it really kept the slasher feel of the original movies. I think rebooting the series and trying to keep all these great traits of the Scream franchise will just feel like their making a bad rip-off, of their own show.

Also the original Scream franchise was all about following the characters from the original film, showing them somehow surviving each and every encounter with whoever was 88386ba67aa151a4288332ce58f81f05Ghostface in every film. Really, the films were entirely based
around these core characters
and then a story was shaped around them. I think if MTV ditch their original characters, then it’s not going to keep the integrity of the original Scream films going. It wouldn’t feel right to watch a new set of characters and I think they’d be incredibly hard to root for.

It doesn’t seem like a reboot is the best of ideas and it’s receiving a lot of backlash from fans. MTV has also yet to bring forth a truly compelling reason as to why a reboot if the right thing for the show. With any luck, they’ll answer all the unanswered questions they seem to be leaving us with. I don’t know if a new Scream with a new cast will make it past one season and I don’t think it will be particularly welcome. We can only hope it will be good, no matter how unlikely it seems.